Make Up Your Mind,Society

As a woman,
You are expected to have Kim Kardashian’s butt, Linda Ogutu’s hips, Dolly Parton’s cleavage, Indian hair and the flawless skin of an Arab woman. Yet, when you get implants, bleach your skin, use make up and don human hair weaves, you are called ‘plastic’. You are ridiculed and people say, “Wait and see how she will look in 5 years Hahahahaha!”

You are expected to stop with the nonsense of saying that you will have sex with the man you just started dating after 90 days, because we are in the 21st century, times have changed, meaning the dating game has changed as well, that rule is outdated, foolish and unnecessary. Yet, when you
have sex with him after a few weeks, you are a loose, cheap slut and he and other men won’t respect you anymore.
You are expected to still look dashing even after you have kids. Do not let it be an excuse to look fat and ugly, therefore making your husband cheat on you. Yet, when you go to the gym, dress good and look good, people ask who the hell you are trying so hard
to look good for, yet you have a husband.

You are expected to be independent, be a go-getter and build your life without having to depend on any man. Yet, when you do just that and become
engrossed in building that life, they say you are too stuck up with no time for anyone, and before you realise it, you will be old and ugly and unapproachable, and you will die alone, lonely and
miserable. When you find a man you love and who loves you, you are expected to stick by him, be loyal and supportive. Yet, when you find that man and he happens to be wealthy, you are a gold digger and you don’t even love him, it’s his money that you love.

You are supposed to help your husband in raising kids, by getting a job or starting a business because, you know, times are hard, and two heads
are better than one. Yet, when you do that, you are a bad parent because you are never there for your kids, that’s why they haven’t been raised well, are
so ill-mannered and spoilt. Mothers always mostly bear that shame. Even the bible says that a foolish
son is grief to his mother (but a wise son makes a glad father). So when you stop working so you can dedicate all your time to raising your children the
best way you can, you are then a very lazy woman who can’t even lift a finger to support her family financially.
You are supposed to take charge and be the change you want to see in your environment or country, by
being a leader that can be emulated. Yet, when you decide to take leadership by the horns and ask for people’s support, you will only hear, “I can never
vote for a woman.”

You are expected to fight against any kind of (gender) violence/discrimination against you, because, come on, we all have the same basic rights regardless of our genders, listed and protected by the same constitution. Yet, when you do exactly
that, you are an ugly, fucking feminist who hates men and lives with cats.

You are supposed to understand that a good man will not just happen. You should lovingly mould the one
you have to be what you want, while you support him in every way. Yet, when you do just that and then you have the most amazing man who kisses the
ground you walk on, you have dominated him and wrapped him around your finger. Or “umemkalia chapati”.
In the face of domestic violence in your matrimonial house, you are not supposed to hide behind big shades, big plastic smiles or several ” I’m fine”s. You
should speak out and reach out to someone who will help you. Yet, when you seek for help, you are bringing shame to the family and damaging your
husband’s reputation. You are waving your dirty linen to outsiders instead of being discreet and tackle the issue between yourselves.
…and so on and so forth.

Credits: Wanja The WordSmitha

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