Meet ‘the French Kim Kardashian,’ accused of trying to murder her boyfriend


Nabilla Bennatia, a reality star known as the French Kim Kardashian, was arrested this weekend for allegedly stabbing and attempting to murder her boyfriend, fellow TV star Thomas Vergara.

Nabilla, as she’s known, is currently just a stone’s throw away from the site of Kim and Kanye’s historic Palace of Versailles wedding: in the women’s prison down the street.

But who is she?

Much like her idol, Nabilla, 22, enjoys constant media presence in France, starring in a reality show titled Allô Nabilla (a.k.a, Hello Nabilla).

But her stardom skyrocketed when she said something dumb on TV and then it became a meme (see: Chicken of the Sea, That’s HotMy Car is Dunzo).

Here she is on the red carpet at Cannes:

"The Homesman" Premiere - The 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival

Here she is in a Miami Costco, making a dick joke about a massive jar of pickles and buying “something to put an iPod…

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