My 5-minute disastrous appearance on National TV


The Deal

“This mukimo guy looks kinda blond and dumb”, read the first tweet I saw while on Larry Madowo’s #TheTrend. There were more. Mostly questioning my cognitive abilities.

Never in the history of blogging has a blog rallied a whole community against a ‘dumb’ blogger than it did last week. I was tremendously overwhelmed. A while ago, a very senior Kenyan summoned to his office and warned me that I should be careful about what I write, for I never know who my ‘strong’ language may offend. I should I should have listened.

It all started last Wednesday morning. I had not done the week’s blog. So I sat and decided to punch a few words about food. My idea was that I will come up with a series that will basically hate on Kenyan foods. Save for the Coastal people, the rest of Kenya culinary landscape is just a joke…

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