Mudavadi is the worst mistake that ever happened to the Luhya Community.

This was a powerful tweet from

I may not agree with politically but together with they are great minds in the Senate and We need them there .

In my opinion ,Mudavadi is undoubtedly the worst mistake that ever happened to the Luhya Community. Unlike the other two political golden babies . He expects to be ‘Given

He actually proved me right yesterday by not only commiting political suicide but also officially handing the Western Vote to CORD .Khalwale now has an easier job of converting sympathies to votes and consolidating them keeping in mind the people of Luhya land have always wanted ‘Luhya Unity’

Everyone knows for a fact that Mudavadi was in ODM when UDF was formed.He was invited later. How does he own the party?  The truth is that UDF has split into two factions with one being led by Mudavadi. Senator Martha Wangari and Boni Khalwale have been smart enough not to choose sides and despite one supporting Jubilee and the other CORD they have remained vibrant and sober minded . Mudavadi has but increased their ratings in the last 24 hours overwhelmingly .

The Registrar of Political Parties, Ms Lucy Ndung’u, on Sunday said political parties could use Article 103 of the Constitution and Section 14 of the Political Parties Act to expel MPs, MCAs and party officials.

Ms Ndung’u said that once the internal party mechanisms had been used and her office notified, it only takes a few days for the decision to be upheld.

“Political parties can expel their members according to the laid-down procedure. They have their own internal mechanisms in their constitutions through which they can notify us,” she said by phone.

Once this is done, such elected leaders lose their membership in the party and, in effect, cease to hold their elective positions.”

Senator Boni Khalwale is self made . His father was a cook at Musingu High school in the early days earning a meagre salary to fend for a family of over 11 kids and a mother who used to plough in peoples farms to earn a living.When he says ‘Mtetezi Wa Wanyonge’ he has lived it and knows it better.

#KOT Reactions :

Without taking sides, if Senator is expelled then automatically UDF loses nomination of any Senator to Senate

Mudavadi wants to hasten his political burial after his death last year! We will be home to campaign for for free.

the10thParliament attempted &Failed to quantify the “Measure” of LOYALTY. For is an astute ambassador of the party

disapointed the Western community and now he is tryng to kill the voice of the voiceless and truth

the said ‘Roadside Delegates’ were not even convinced by themselves

I always asked what if his name was Musalia Wafula? Without his father, ZERO

could also be the eventual collapse of perceived “political dynasties” and emergence of real leaders!

I bet Khalwale will come back stronger. Mudavadi Killed his political hopes. . Bonny fears Nothing


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