James Bond kind of guy. *licking my lips*. That guy who’s appeal is too hard to resist. He’s unpredictable,arrogant, selfish,dominant and acts superior. He takes risks and acts like there are alot of women waiting in the queue to take the turn. Not to forget,bad boys have the ability to have animalistic sex. The kind that has a chaotic foreplay and alittle bit of spanking and will give you multiple orgasm in one round! Awesome awesome sex!

Who wouldn’t want this type of guy?
Yes he’s a jerk, a cocky thing and an asshole but he’s fun and exciting.
Bad boys are a challenge and women love challenges which is one of the many silly dating decisions they make.
A man who’ll do his best to treat you nicely,shower you with gifts and attention and will never be mean to you is a nice guy.
He has good manners;- his actions are made with care and considerations. He’s good with money;-he plans for the future and makes a budget for himself. He believes in his creator. He’s
empathetic, forgiving, humble, committed and faithful;- he says what he means and means what he says.
Women find him boring. He’s too nice and too easy. But he’s definately the kind of man you should get married to,have kids with and spend the rest of your life with.

Unlike a bad boy,who never makes a relationship their first priority, a nice guy is balanced. Family and friends come first. He prioritises his time and is well-rounded in many areas. He’ll not only listen to you but also lose himslef in your emotions.
Bad boys are cheats and put less effort into parenting. He’s perfect for a short relationship.
A woman will get addicted to a bad boy because she’ll get a self esteem boost if she MANAGED to make him nice. He can change but it will require alot of time inorder for someone to extract that nice part out of him.

For how long would you put up with a man who’s ego is larger than the
sun? He’d come home late or even not show up till the next day or week and wouldn’t care about your emotions. You question him,get beaten upor ignored and that issue would be thrown to the hard-fast-and-deep-sex bin. An absolute emotional abuser!
A nice guy has good parental and husband traits. Simple. Dating a bad boy is a phase that all young females must go through on the road to self actualization and independent thinking as a mature woman.

Marry a bad boy;- he’ll give you a bad kid and only end up having two or more assholes in your life. Marry a nice guy;- he’ll never pressure you in any way. You’ll be happy,your kids will be happy and people will envy your happy ever after marriage. It will be a pure and innocent love.



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