If you see an attractive girl at the bar or in the park andfeel like striking up a conversation with her, what do you usually do? Most men would usually restrain themselves from walking up to the girl, and probably keep watching her from a distance.

Sounds creepy? Absolutely. But things are kept that waymainly because the majority of males are scared of REJECTION.Such fears and hesitations can severely and even permanently prevent you from getting the gals you want. If you’re suffering from the same problem, I’ve got something that can help you get out of the hole you’re stuck in.

And here it is: The Kamikaze Principle. This technique is designed somewhat similar to the idea behind Japanese Suicide bombers during World War II. How it works is simple: whatyou do is walk up to a random (attractive)girl, and start a conversation with her. This can be done at any place of your choice.

After the first minute or two, slowly start pushing the boundaries of the conversation in a semi-aggressive yet subtle manner. Basically, you want to make statements or ask questions that hint interest, push them further, but without directly insulting her in any way. If she laughs at the remark you made, smile back at her, and move on to something else. Push the limits of the topic again, while making sure she’s not insulted.

Yeah I know that this technique sounds like a great way toget rejected by a girl, but that’s the main purpose. The Kamikaze Principle was created to prepare its users forREJECTION and FAILURE. No need to be embarrassed, becauseyou’re intentionally setting yourself up to take a fall.That in turn sharpens your conversational skills with women,prepares for you something unavoidable (rejection), and boosts your overall self-confidence when it comes to picking up girls.

However, there’s always a possibility that the female will actually ENJOY you pushing the boundaries of the discussion,therefore becoming attracted to you. If that’s the case, you can either choose to end the conversation, or take things further and see where you it takes you!

Good luck with the ladies Ben!


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