9 Reasons Why University Girls should be hunting for a Husband in campus before they graduate.

Women should not just be searching but Hunting for a hubby in campus. This is if and only if they do not want spinsterhood – with cats!

This is according to a motherly piece of advice to young women that has been given by a 59 year old mom in her book entitled “Marry Smart.”

The following are some of the main reasons why smart. girls should find husbands in college according to Susan Patton who has now been nicknamed the “Princeton mom.”

1) Concentrated pool of smart men.

After graduating, you will never again find a concentrated pool of smart men again. Since you worked so hard in high school to qualify for university, it is only fair that you find a husband who worked as hard as you did and share similar intellect and work values.

2) Men can look downwards but you cannot.

Men are more forgiving and can take a girl who did not make it to college. On the other hand, women feel shortchanged when they marry a man who is not as smart as they are.

3) Sex won’t improve and he won’t get smarter.

Women should get a husband in campus as opposed to going for sex with a dumb man after leaving college. It hurts women to live with a dumb man and however hard he may try, he may never catch up.

4) The biological clock is ticking.

Waiting until you are thirty or thereabout leaves you with limited time to hunt for Mr. Right, settle down and have children.

5) Men can marry much younger women

A 36 year old guy has no problem marrying a girl who is 10 years younger. This is not the case with women who usually want to marry a man who is a few years older.

6) You lose the eligible men every year .

When you join campus as a fresher, you have four classes of eligible guys while men in your class have only one class. Now, when the fourth years leave, you are left with three classes of eligible guys while he men have another additional class of fresher tochoose from. By the time you are a fourth year, you have one class of eligible guys.

Most likely, you treated them like crap and hence they looked backwards. At this time you are not eligible and they have four classes to choose from.

7) Men fear marrying smarter women.

After graduating, comrades disperse and most of the men who never went to college are unlikely to propose to you mainly because they are not comfortable with you. You are too smart for them! So where does this leave you?

8) Unmarried women are unhappy.

However successful women are in their careers, they are unhappy if they did not find the Mr. Right in their lives.

Susan Patton talked with many of her friends and colleagues who are at the peak of their professions.

Some of them are at managerial levels and earn six digit salaries. They are respected by colleagues and friends. However, those who are not married feel frustrated and unhappy.

9) Complete happiness cannot come from careers alone

In as much as you want to pursue your career, your happiness in life will largely depend on the kind of guy that you marry.

“I wish that I had sense enough to look for a husband in campus before I graduated”, says Princeton Mom. She proposes that you spend 75% of your time hunting for “The One” and 25% on professional advancement. Find a husband in college!!!

Susan Patton is one of the first classes of women who graduated from Princeton University .Her advice is controversial and has received very sharp reactions from people who hold different opinions. What do you think about this motherly piece of advice? Do you think she had a good

point on how to marry smart?


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